Pay Tribute And Give For A Cause

An online fundraiser is the easiest way to spread awareness and fundraise. Do you have everything you need this year? Instead of receiving gifts, you could ask people to make a donation in celebration of your birthday. Is your child have a bar or bat mitzvah? Making a donation to a charity is a great mitzvah for all invited. Is someone graduating or receiving an award? Honor them by asking for a donation on their behalf.
Here is an example of how it works:
  1. Choose your platform: 50th Birthday Celebration
  2. Create your Fundraiser: Click the Get Started Now button below to create your Online Fundraiser Page with a personal message.
    Ex:  “For my birthday this year I’m asking for you to join me in supporting a very important cause. My friend Jane has a rare disorder called Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD), which currently has no cure. My goal is to help spread awareness and raise some money so that one day Jane can live a normal and full life. Please help me celebrate my birthday with a gift to The Children’s Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease Research.
  3. Spread the word: Use social media and email to invite your friends and family to participate. 


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Here are some ways people have used Online Fundraising to support GSD Research

  • Christa's
    40th Birthday

    For her big 4-0, Christa Gurka asked for donations to The Children's Fund in support of the Gussin family.



  • Rebecca's
    Bat Mitzvah

    Rebecca Bellick asked for donations to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah to help find a cure for her cousin Jake. 
  • Braydon's
    Birthday Bash

    To celebrate his birthday, Braydon asked for donations instead of toys.
  • Izzy's
    Bat Mitzvah

    Izzy Rosen asked for donations for her Bat Mitzvah to help keep her cousin Jonah healthy.

Need more inspiration?

Check out all of our Fundraising Achievements.


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