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The Children's Fund for GSD Research is a not-for-profit (501c3) foundation, established to benefit children born with Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD1).

By signing up for this website, when you make online purchases at over 680 brand name stores, a portion of each online purchase is donated to The Children's Fund for GSD Research. It doesn't cost you anything, it only benefits our Cause. Please consider becoming a member.

…be kind…

Could it be that these two simple words could change the world? Imagine a world where everybody lived by this simplest of philosophies. These words were posted on the outside of Dr. Frederick Zipser's home and office and represented a state of mind and outlook on life that affected not just his life but countless lives with whom he came in contact. 

It is easy to forget this outlook while in the midst of our complex and hectic lives. It is also easy to overlook both the complexity and delicate balance of the human body as well as those who are not as fortunate to have everything "work" the way it does for the rest of us. This was the idea behind linking the simplicity of the be kind message to an extraordinary cause dedicated to fixing a simple problem with a complicated solution. 
100% of the proceeds generated from the sale/donations of the be kind bumper stickers will go the Children's Fund for GSD Research (
Enjoy the peaceful be kind message and take comfort in knowing that your donations are going towards finding a cure for those who desperately need one. 
For more information on how to get your be kind bumper stickers, please contact Valerie Rosen, or call 914-232-8228.

The cookbook is being sold by Donna McNeil to raise funds for The Children's Fund in honor of Kamryn Jackson (GSD1a). The recipes included are simple old-fashioned home cooking receipes from family and friends.

(FYI, the recipes do not follow the strict diet recommended for GSD1 patients.)

For more information on how to purchase a Cookbook, please contact Kamryn's grandmother, Donna McNeil by phone: 580-225-2568 or 580-821-1990. 
The cost of each cookbook is $20.00, which includes shipping and handling charges.

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