Get Creative!


Events are a great way to spread awareness and raise funds for GSD Research. They are fun and bring the community together. So grab some friends and start brainstorming!


Have an idea but need help getting started? We are here for you. Send us an email at We can help with your planning, online presence, and communications. 

Here Are Some Examples of Events That Have Helped Support Our Foundation

  • Steps For
    A Cure

    Andie Gussin and Ryan James organized a walkathon as a joint mitzvah project to help find a cure for their little brother/cousin Jamie.  They raised almost $9,000.

  • Karaoke

    Desiree Makovsky and her fellow firefighters organized a karaoke fundraiser and raised $1,500 in support of the Hodes family.  

  • Concert For
    A Cause

    Jake Gordon and fellow band members of JTPH  raised $2,000 with their live concert at a local restaurant. 

  • Basketball

    Zack and Jake Gordon organized an 8th grade co-ed basketball tournament and invited all their friends participate.  They raised $12,000.  

  • Wine &

    Jeanne Muchnick hosted this cocktail party twice, gathering people together to eat some sweets and learn about GSD. The events raised almost $14,000.  

  • Books &

    Author Rochelle Weinstein came to Parkland, FL to discuss her book, The Mourning After, which includes a character with GSD1a.  The luncheon helped to spread awareness and raised $3,000 for research.

  • Ladies Golf &
    Tennis Invitational

    Lisa Hodes and friends organized this event at a local golf club in Florida for their fellow golf and tennis playing friends.  They raised $3,000.

  • BBQ

    The Andrushko family hosted an annual BBQ fundraiser in Canada in honor of their son Kasen.  Over eight years, they raised over $90,000.

  • Basket

    This fun bingo fundraiser hosted by the Peck & Hershey families raised over $7,000 and helped to educate a lot of people about GSD.

  • Cocktails
    For A Cure

     Gary & Jennifer Bagin hosted a cocktail party in honor of their son Justin.  They raised $30,000.

  • Walking
    for GSD

    For their mitzvah project, Danielle and Alex Weisman organized a walkathon in their neighborhood in honor of the Hodes family.  They got lots of kids involved and raised $3,000 for GSD.

  • Wine Tasting

    Mike & Pam Julius hosted a wine tasting event in California in honor of their son Adam. They raised $32,000.

Need more inspiration?

Check out all of our Fundraising Achievements.


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