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The Children's Fund for GSD Research is a not-for-profit (501c3) foundation, established to benefit children born with Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD1).
Grant Information

The Children's Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease Research accepts grant applications that relate to GSD1 research, diagnosis, and/or patient care. Grant application forms are available by request. Submissions should be via email only.  Please note that The Children's Fund for GSD Research does not pay or charge indirect costs (IDC) to any institution.  

You may contact our foundation by emailing us at or by phoning (203) 272-CURE (2873).

Annual Deadlines:
June 30...Deadline for proposal submission
July 30...Board to meet regarding grants/fellowships awarded
August 15...Notification letters sent
August 30...Grant/fellowship monies disbursed
For a complete list of research supported by The Children's Fund for GSD Research, please click the Research tab at the top of the page.  

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